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Innovative Optical Strategies

Dynamic Optical Solutions


Trusted independent advisors with applicable real-world experience drawing from years of combined knowledge in retail, wholesale, IT technical services, digital freeform lenses, branding, wholesale optical laboratory management and ownership, Lab Management Systems (LMS) knowledge, manufacturing, and refinement of retail optical stores and optical laboratories. We can help you with TAT - turnaround time, return-on-investment (ROI) calculations, project management, implement new machines or software challenges. We are digital lens and freeform specialists that can introduce you to new freeform lenses and help create niche markets.


Image, quality and profitability require ongoing training with adhesion to brand standards. Our specialized programs can be tailored into weekend retreats, half day power training, morning and night shift training or whatever else is necessary to align staff and sales with your goals and services. Want more opticians to source your lab? We can help you create CE training programs through our founder Brian Boddy an accredited ABO level III technical speaker. Have something else in mind? Ask us, we are flexible and independent.


We offer creative teachers and speakers who can engage today's workforce. Options include, remote training, in person during conferences or just walking a group of people around your retail store or lab for Q&A during a trunk show or grand opening. With our experience this speak comes naturally and the education can be made quite enjoyable.

Marble Surface


Our expertise comes from years of hands-on experience in free form lens production, teaching and design. Our proven outcomes increase profitability, process, lens coatings, advanced CNC edging, generating and conveyors. We understand OMA DCS machine data communications, free form calculation programs, lab design, lab staff training, process development, lean manufacturing processes, marketing and lab operations.

Our knowledge is derived from real world successes and failures!


I first saw Brian Boddy at a speaking engagement in Ontario. I was immediately impressed with his professionalism and knowledge of his topic.  I saw Brian again at an industry show in Las Vegas, he was surrounded by people intently listening and watching him explain how they could improve optical business outcomes through refined process and technology. I knew then that in my role as Executive Director of The Opticians Association Canada (OAC) we could use the services of such a remarkable natural leader and knowledgeable consultant. Our organization is in a better position today with the help of Brian Boddy.  

Robert Dalton

Executive Director

Opticians Association of Canada



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