Digital Free Form Lens Production

Freeform Digital Lens manufacturing has revolutionized the modern laboratory and the way we process lens surfaces. This giant leap in technology has clearly defined optical labs with a newfound quality, and independence like nothing else.  Being independent and unbiased, our team can help you arrive at the best lens design and manufacturing solution for you lab.



In house coatings can significantly increase a labs market share and profitability when implemented  properly. Our team can help you arrive at the best solutions for your lab with spin coating suggestions, dip coating and other options based upon volume, space and personnel. Arriving at the highest ROI is in always in the best interest for the lab and vendor.


Lab Design

Our staff has been in hundreds of laboratories all over the world, from in house superstore labs to multi-building fully automatic conveyor manufacturing environments. Site surveys, space, environmental and staff aptitude are some of the many items we consider when it comes to optical lab design.


CNC Edging Processes

Edging is at the top of the list when it comes to purveying a labs quality and attention to detail. Edger’s can be purchased in wet & dry platforms in many options with different through put speeds. Your next edging solution should offer a host of connivence and income producing remote tracing capabilities. Our team can help you make the most out of your existing technology or help you arrive at the best solution for you in the future.


Optical Lab Training

Preserving your image and profitability requires ongoing training. Our specialized programs can be tailored to weekend retreats, half day power training, morning and night shift training aligning staff and salespeople with your goals and services in mind. Want more opticians to source your lab? We can help you create CE training programs as a accredited ABO level III technical speaker. Have something else in mind? Ask us, we are flexible and independent. Our training programs can be broad or very specific in depth for lab, optician and other employees. Learn more about our training programs here.


Exit Strategies & Optical Valuation

Retail Optical valuations and Optical Lab valuations from an owner and buyer perspective. Valuations help arrive at short- and long-term exit strategies for owners. Businesses can be valued based upon earnings, profit, assets, past years income and current market values. Value can also be influenced by location, years in business, other tangible income and exclusivity of products or services can also add value. Our team can help you plan for the future today with lab sales and acquisitions.